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Facilities & Equipment

Nitinol Implant Manufacturing Facilities

Explore Norman Noble

Norman Noble’s team of more than 700 employees spread across 5 facilities and more than 275,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space, applies the newest technologies available for medical implant machining. Widely referred to as the most technologically advanced contract manufacturer in the medtech industry, our unique, vertically integrated micromachining and finishing capabilities enable us to manufacture the newest implant and medical device component designs.


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Micromachining Facility – Medtech II

Highland Heights, Ohio

Micromachining Facility – Medtech III

Highland Heights, Ohio

Micromachining Facility – Windsor

Ontario, Canada

Prototyping Facility – South

Naples, Florida

Manufacturing Equipment


127 Laser Cutting and Welding Machines
    STEALTH Athermal Systems

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Nitinol Shape Setting

28 Shape Setting Furnaces
    Fluidized Beds
    Convection Furnaces
    Salt Baths


34 Vertical & Horizontal 5 & 7-Axis Machining Centers

Swiss Turning & Milling

51 Swiss Style Turning Machines


29 CNC Electrical Discharge Machines

Electro Chemical Grinding


41 Systems
    Automated Passivation Lines
    Automated Cleaning Lines
    Automated Dryers
    Mircoburnishing Systems
    Tumbling Systems


10 CNC Grinding Machines
    Wet Bed
    Smart CNC

Heat Treating

1 Furnace
    2300 degrees F
    Maximum upper & lower oven computer controlled

1 Vibratory Stress Relieving Machine

Other Equipment

Test & Engineering

3 Tensile Testers
6 Bend-And-Free Recovery Systems
3 Differential Scanning Colorimeters
Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX
Corrosion Tester
SLA 3D Printer (Polymers)
Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printer (Metals)


2 Zeiss Contura G2 CMM’s equipped with XXT rotating heads and Calypso 2016 Software
2 Zeiss Contura CMM’s equipped with XT heads and Calypso 2016 Software
1 Mitutoyo Apex Quick Vision system QVX302
18 OGP SmartScope Vision Systems
238 Microscopes 8-50 power magnification with light sources
2 Zeiss Surcom Surface measuring machines
4 Microscopes 10-63 power magnification
3 Toolmaker microscopes to 500x
1 Scanning Electron Microscope
3 Beta Laser Micrometers
22 Starrett optical comparators with digital readouts
18 Nicon optical comparators with digital readouts
4 Electronic Height Gages 24”
2 Video inspection systems 12” x 12” with Pattern Recognition and up to 20 millionths inch accuracy per inch
30 Rotary stent video inspection systems with Pattern Recognition & up to 20 millionths inch accuracy per inch
2 Automated Vision System 12 x 12 x 6 with Feather touch probe system
2 Manual Vision System 12 x 12
1 Manual Vision System 6 x 6
2 Horizontal optical comparators 14” with AUTOCOMP onboard computers
4 Automatic video inspection systems 32 - 16” optical comparators with AUTOCOMP onboard computers
2 Stereoscopic Microscope with photo graphic capacity apparatus 10-126 power magnification
2 Dual head stereoscopes 6-31x power magnification
1 Hardness tester
2 TA Instruments Q10 DSC